Protecting Your Information

Privacy Policy

Concierge Retirement Services, formerly Madison Pension Services, Inc., understands and acknowledges your need for privacy protection as a customer.

Privacy Protection

Our primary goal is to safeguard all personal information collected during our engagement, which includes but is not exclusive to your address, social security number, account balance information, and purchase history. The Concierge Retirement Services privacy policy, which follows, thoroughly explains what information is collected, its use, and how it is safeguarded.

The personal information we collect includes the following:

Date of birth
Social security number
Telephone number
Beneficiary designation
Date of Hire
Date of Termination

Transactional information includes:

Investment choices
Account Balances
Transaction Information

The information we collect is what is necessary to maintain your account with the highest integrity. As permitted by law, the information you provide may be shared with our financial institution partners and any affiliate organizations. We may also share information with companies you contracted to provide services on behalf of your account with Concierge Retirement Services. Finally, we may share your information with certain governmental agencies as required by law (e.g., to protect against fraud).

Note that all information collected is always considered confidential information only entrusted to Concierge Retirement Services and those servicing your account. Affiliate companies are not authorized to use and share any information when not working to provide their agreed upon services. Under no circumstances does Concierge Retirement Services sell any information connected to our service of your account. We acknowledge and respect the safeguarding of all personal information and have provided this overview as a way to reassure you of our policy and practices. If you have any questions, please contact Kristine Faby, Vice President/Director of Operations at 914.251.0099, ext. 214.