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Our Process

To best illustrate our working methods and approach, we have developed the following plan of implementation. This process ensures that we are able to fully understand your goals and provide the retirement recommendations that best fit your business.

While the work schedule has been made as detailed as possible, it is of course not final. If you are concerned about any task that has not been specifically identified below, we are happy to discuss an alternative approach.

If necessary, we will modify our process to fit your objectives.

1. Development and Assessment

2. Design and Implementation

3. Execution and Continued Services


1. Development and Assessment

Work with you to evaluate all available plan designs that fit within your corporate goals, your employee demographics and other retirement plans.

Rapidly provide you with an initial proposal highlighting the possible financial impact (contribution analysis) for the various levels of participants (from ownership to entry level employees) as well as a detailed list of our services and fees.

Provide you with timely feedback on the feasibility of any proposal to ensure that our proposed solutions best meet your needs.

The members of our team have personally studied and implemented countless employee benefit plans for companies of different sizes and industries, allowing us to bring first-hand experience to the table.

In preparing proposals, our goal is to be succinct and complete. We will generally provide a summary of plan provisions based on our previous discussions on possible plan designs. Various contribution allocation scenarios (e.g. numerical examples) will be provided which will assist you in making an informed decision on which plan design is best for your firm.

2. Design and Implementation

Once your company profile has been examined, your corporate goals reviewed and various proposals examined, we will work with you to select the final plan design. Concierge Retirement Services will:

Prepare the Plan trust document tailored to accommodate your unique objectives.

Coordinate with your chosen financial institution to initiate the development and implementation of your new plan.

Work with you to educate and provide important information to all necessary internal and external providers.

Our first action in this stage will be to prepare a detailed service agreement that highlights all the aspects of implementing your retirement plan along with the relevant fees.

The three principal categories of work to be performed in this phase are the preparation of plan documents, the setup and coordination with the financial institution where your money will be invested, and the education of both your human resource department and your employees. Our involvement will include the following:

Plan Documentation

  • Prepare plan trust document
  • Prepare various adopting resolutions for signature
  • Prepare Summary Plan Description
  • Prepare Loan Program documentation, if applicable
  • Prepare investment policy statement, if applicable

Set-Up and Coordination with Financial Institution

  • Preparation of contracts with financial institution (e.g. Voya, John Hancock, Fidelity etc.)
  • Assist human resources department with initial contribution remittance procedures
  • Assist in completing contracts with financial institution
  • Provide procedural information to outside providers (e.g. payroll providers, etc.)
  • Coordinate with your CPA and/or attorney, as necessary


Work with financial advisor to set up an enrollment meeting with your employees

Work closely with your human resource department to ensure they understand their various roles and responsibilities


We can accommodate any schedule for plan design and implementation, and pride ourselves on being able to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Concierge Retirement Services is dedicated to the art and science of pension consulting and design.

Our Continued Support

3. Execution and Continued Service

This final phase consists of six essential tasks:

Verification that all documentation has been completed to permit the remittance of contributions into the plan.

Assistance with specific cases and questions that arise during the implementation process.

Advice on any changes in legislation which may affect your retirement plan in the future.

Preparation of amendments as necessary to meet changing legislation or corporate goals.

Administrative tasks such as preparing annual valuations, tax reporting forms and various other administrative processes to be reviewed closely with your human resource department and accountants.

Monitor company shifts in goals or objectives, and benchmark your plan against other companies in your industry to proactively recommend plan improvements.

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