Set it and Forget it? Forget it!

One of our clients, Terry, told us about a conversation she’d had at a SHRM chapter meeting.

“Our Retirement Plan is driving me crazy,” Ryan complained. “So many deadlines and forms to file—and now the executives are complaining that the lower-paid employees are causing them to get hit with taxable refunds.

“Well,” replied Maria, “I have a different approach. I have my plate full just on-boarding new employees. We set up our retirement plan 15 years ago and it just works. Apart from filing the forms when they need to be filed, I don’t touch it.

“I get it,” said Terry. “I’ve been in both of your shoes. I got overwhelmed and then I put our plan on autopilot … until I missed some deadlines and incurred some penalties. Autopilots are responsible for too many accidents!”

“So what did you do?” asked Ryan.

Terry took a sip of her orange juice. “Simple. I found a Professional Retirement Plan Consultant. It turned out that the plan we designed fifteen years ago wasn’t serving our best interests anymore.”

“What do you mean?” asked Maria.

Terry continued. “Our plan consultant, David, explained that 90% of the clients who switch to his firm have been paying more tax than they should have because their plans were out of date. In our case, the tax savings more than paid for his services.

“That’s impressive!” offered Ryan. “90%!”

“Your execs are getting unwanted refunds; that’s just the kind of thing a Professional Retirement Plan Consultant knows how to fix. Why would you not have an expert set up a plan that’s that important?”

Ryan nodded.

“And think about it,” said Terry to Maria. “You wouldn’t wait 15 years for a medical checkup! Get a free consultation, have a professional look at the numbers, offload all the deadlines and filing hassles, and you’ll come out ahead! Set it and forget it? Forget it!

Too many businesses leave thousands of dollars on the table because they don’t get sound advice when they first start up a new retirement plan. Challenge a Professional Retirement Plan Consultant to find those savings and set up the best plan for you.